4 Restaurants That Serve Up Delicious Food In Austin Texas

You have quite the jump on your vacation when you know what restaurants to visit in a city. You’re certainly going to know where to go when you show up in Austin TX. Even if you don’t like every place I mention here, you’re bound to find at least one restaurant on this short list that will grab your attention. Here are 4 outstanding dining establishments in the city of Austin TX.

When you’re in Austin, you’re going to find so many places to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine. One of those places is Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food. Located on the corner of 3rd Street and San Jacinto, Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food is going to be a treat. Fajitas are a top recommendation, as you might imagine, and the bacon wrapped shrimp makes the menu highlights as well. People say that the service is excellent, and the atmosphere, too.

Let’s do Mexican cuisine for this next pick, too. The place is called Guero’s Taco Bar, and it is on South Congress Avenue. Tacos are one of the main draws, and you bet you are going to have quite a few options. The tortilla soup is said to be very delicious as well. I can already taste the fresh tortillas just thinking about the place. Does it sound like a good stop for you and yours?

Ranch 616 is the next pick, and its location is 616 Nueces Street. Fried oysters sound delicious, but I’m not so sure about the frog legs. Still, this restaurant is said to serve up great food, steaks included. The frito pie on the menu is a little different than what I expected for this place, and that interested me, too. Another thing about Ranch 616 is the establishment also has outdoor seating available.

If you like fried chicken as much as I used to, you’re going to love this next pick. I say ‘used to’ because I became a vegetarian about 5 months ago. Fried chicken is always delicious, and Lucy’s Fried Chicken is one great spot to pick some up in Austin TX. The restaurant is located at 2218 College Avenue.

Fried chicken, steaks, great Mexican food and more are what you can order up at these great Austin TX restaurants. You might find it difficult to choose one of them. In that case, you could always make plans to stop by all four as you travel the capital of Texas.